Monday, September 15, 2008

Homemade Pretzels

Last week, Liz and Addie and I got together with our kids and Liz came up with a cute idea to get them learning and cooking. :) They each had their own bowl to measure and mix in the ingredients and then roll out the dough and make twisty pretzels. They had a blast! It was a perfect project because it didn't take long and everyone knows how long kids attention spans are!

Jace paying attention to the instructions

Could Joey be any cuter!
Dallin and Addie scooping the flour

Hard at work
Enjoying the fruits of our labor


Lynn said...

What fun for all of you!

Jill Manning said...

Is it okay that seeing pictures of my little nephew and Jace playing together kind of wigs me out...but in a good way? Two worlds are colliding right now...I love it!! What a fun activity for the kiddos, good luck with yours!

Fer, Liz, Jocelyn and Brooke said...

I am so excited to do it again. See you tomorrow! Cute pictures...