Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Fun!

This year, we had a GREAT California Christmas. It was so fun to be with all the family and especially with Jace's cousins. It was so fun seeing them interact and play together. Let's see, the girls taught Jace a couple things: Nanna Nanna Boo Boo, introduced him to Care Bears (the girls watched that movie almost every day), and showed him how to sit through a whole meal and actually EAT!!! Some of Jace's gifts included a Walle toy, cash register, doctor set, more tools, a Curious George movie and some other little things. We wanted to get him a bike this year but we couldn't do that in Cali and then back to Colorado. This Christmas was hard to get much together with the focus being on the new baby. I think I realized something about gifts for kids. They pretty much love opening presents and unwrapping anything they can get their hands on but when it comes down to it...they really only LOVE that one special toy or gift and end up playing with it mostly. Jace probably would've been happy with his minature cars and trucks, yet I felt like I had to go all out with the stockings and small presents. When they are this little, I think they only want to focus on one thing anyway. Hope I can remember this for next year...when Camden will be one and not even know what a stocking is!!!

CAMDEN was sure spoiled too...but not with presents. His aunts held him any moment of the day that I wasn't feeding him. Infact, I believe the correct senario included me nursing and then handing off the baby to the first eager open arms, which of course induced a few small fights over who gets him next. I LOVED seeing everyone love him and want to hold him. It was so nice. Now, I'm paying for it with a baby that never wants to be put down but we're trying to get back in the swing of things. I, of course, am missing family so much and realizing how much I want to live closer.

This move has been good in so many ways but truly I think Heath and I realized how important it is to us to have some family somewhat nearby. We had a blast doing the Christmas pageant (had to bribe Jace with egg nog to wear the outfit), playing Wii and Rock Star, frisbee golf - always a family favorite, we also had a field goal kicking contest, which Heath won - 35 yards!!! Went to the stake center and played bball with family friends while the kids played around and the women chatted, ate yummy food of course, and overall just enjoyed eachother's company!! The boys got in a few rounds of roof pong, as well.


Lynn said...

Good picture of Eric! I can tell Camden's grown from these pictures, look at those cheeks. Oh, it was so good to be together.

The Roberts' Report said...

I love how you and your fam puts together these collages of photos. How do you do it??? Seriously cool, spill the beans!! Email me