Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When it's quiet....

The other day, I was feeding Camden in my family room and Jace ran into my bedroom closet and closed the door. I thought, "well, there can't be too much he can get into" Boy, was I wrong! About 20 minutes later, after not hearing a peep, I figured he fell asleep in there or something. Well, I opened the closet door to find the light off, my clothes out of the drawers, everything on the floor and Jace in the middle of it all just smiling....wearing my sweater!! I started laughing so hard I fell on the ground. This silly little boy. I knew he was up to something when it was quiet. He's been in this phase of wearing mine and Heath's clothes lately. Everyday I find him in my shirt or Heath's church shoes. I guess it's the "dress up" phase. so fun!!!


RatalieNose said...

Haha he's just like me.
Only quiet when there's a problem!
So great that you can just laugh about it, and snap a picture of course!

Jared and Nicole Haws Family said...

That was my favorite game as a child, dress up! My boys have entered that stage as well. Your boys are growing so fast, they are so adorable!