Friday, February 19, 2010

can't play catch up anymore...

.....i need to just start somewhere bc i have too much that has happened. So, our most recent adventures.... Alison and Ryan came up to see us and we all went to the mountains! We stayed in a fabulous cabin and had a great time! Heath and Ryan dug an amazing course for sledding and it was so dang fast! Seriously, we all kept flying off the course. It was nearly 400 ft. long; 125 yards of sheer excitement and terror! At one point, Jace flew off and Ryan saved him from hitting a tree. Jace got up and said let's do it again! He was a little dare devil. There was a ton of snow to play in and the kids had a blast! It was so fun to get all bundled up and just spend some great time together. here's some pics but the videos are the best!

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