Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fire Museum

Trying to fit a fireman's shoes can be a hard task

The happiest place on earth for Jace

Look who's at the wheel!!

They had jackets, hats, gloves, masks for the kids to put on. But, of course, Jace brought his own! Here he is shooting the fire. He got to see firemen too because they were all coming to pick up their yearbooks that day.

Aren't these fire hydrants so cute?

Grandma and the boys at the Denver Firefighter's Museum

A couple weeks ago, Grandma came to play with the boys and help me out while Heath was finishing up finals! Whew it was SO helpful because Heath was gone so much and even with my mom there, I was exhausted. We were pretty much home bound bc of the one car situation, Heath's school and job. But, it worked out for us to drop off Daddy downtown and take advantage of the 1st Tuesday of the month FREE DAY at the Denver Firefighter's Museum. One of our only outings in the week. We had a blast and the only thing missing was a gate at the top of the stairs, otherwise I could have let the boys run around and not have a care in the world!I highly recommend YOU to try it out next month and let us know and we'll come along! Just have to pay for parking across the street if the meters are taken.

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Lano said...

Wish I was there to check these museums out with you!