Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jace

Can't believe Jace turned 5 years old! I planned a safari adventure party! Jace had fun but the weather didn't cooperate as well as I would've liked so the outdoor activities were rushed. Note to self: plan Jace's next party the weekend after his birthday not the weekend before. This is the second time weather wasn't the best for his party. I planned a safari scavenger hunt where the kids first got binoculars for the adventure! They had to find animals I had put throughout the playground, read the clue, then do the activity or game to get the next clue. It was so fun to see them get excited for the next clue. Unfortunately, it started to sprinkle so the games were cut short. At the end they each got their own brown bag backpack with animal crackers, mini safari cameras, grow your own animal, stickers. The snacks were animal cookies, fruit kabobs, chocolate covered raisins, gummy worms, lemonade and then LION CUPCAKES!! I had so much fun making these but it was a lot more work then I thought cutting up all the licorice. They did taste delicious and I love making the cake for his birthday. It's my once a year treat! Plus, I really enjoy doing the Hello Cupcake creations. I borrowed my friend's book :) The rest of the party was just laid back...the kids played chase, rolling down the hill, kickball, freeze tag. Jace got WAY too many presents. It's crazy. His friends, Brooklyn and Taylor gave him a GIANT firetruck and Brooklyn finished it off with a big KISS! Look at his's priceless. He did start laughing after that and it was a funny moment. I had a nice time visiting with the parents that came and man, next year, I think I'll do more low key. It was a lot of work to be over so fast.


Heath Reed said...

you did a great job babe. I love how creative you are and how much you put into our kids bdays. Love ya

Alison said...

SO CUTE! I love the cupcakes! i love how jace is pushing that cute little girl away... Hilarious! Wish I could see you all soon!! MISS YOU!!