Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What We Need

So, I guess it's been forever since I've blogged because it's all this new layout and I'm completely unaware of how to navigate it yet. But, I figured I'd write since I can't sleep with this extreme lightning and loud thunderstorm. Oh, and not to mention water dripping into three different bowls as our roof leaks. I'm SO glad we are getting out of this place. So the big news now is HEATH GOT A JOB! I know most of you my close friends and family know but I though I should publish it. It's been a crazy road. More than I ever imagined and I know the adventures are just starting, but we are finally here. Heath had another job potential in Mesa, AZ that we really thought he would get. He didn't. So, I postponed making any plans and was still living in limbo while he started his new job in Colorado Springs. He is on a business trip right now for this job. Fun huh? Not so much for me but he's having a great experience. I've been surviving too. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. Yes, by nighttime I'm exhausted but I'm alive and kicking. He doesn't come home till Friday and I'm counting down the hours. This weekend we are having a garage sale and just pack pack packing. I probably made a mistake having a garage sale this close to moving but oh well! We have applications in for two homes in the Springs and have been approved but I have to go see the second home tomorrow morning to make sure it's what we really want. This experience has also been really good for Heath and I. We have been relying on the Lord so much more and really strengthening and looking for ways to stretch our testimony and see His will. We are so grateful for this job and so lucky to have anything right now....especially in his career. He is working as a Planner for a design firm. I'm so proud of him! He's such an amazing father and man and friend. I think our lot in life is to struggle far the first 9 years but I'm hoping that will eventually fade. I know, I have so many pictures to catch up on.....

Jace's kindergarten graduation concert, 6th Birthday, Camping with friends, 4th of July, Summer Outings...etc. I'll get there, I promise.

I think the storm has passed and I need some shut eye to face the day tomorrow.

I will tell you one thing. I can feel the love and prayers of friends and family daily. They lift me hourly and the Lord grants me more patient with my sweet children. I need that always! The boys are such a handful but they are my little helpers and they couldn't love their little Mazie girl any more. She IS LOVED!!! And while, things didn't work out the way we all fasted and prayed for by getting the job in Mesa, I know the Lord has blessed us with what we need right now instead of what we want.

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