Friday, July 6, 2007

Me and My Little Water Bug

Courtesty of Beka for the cute picture!! Thanks. :) Thanks for the great BBQ too!

I'm so lucky Jace likes or LOVES the water because I'm not sure what else we would do on those hot hot summer days! He looks so cute there! He wanted to just let go and swim on his own and he LOVES jumping off the side. This child has no fear! I guess it's time to invest in some great floaties so he can explore the "pool space" (sorry, I just watched the more cow bell Sat. night live video the other day, it never fails to crack me up)


T Bone said...

CUTE! you guys are so cute. I can not wait to see you guys in Vegas next weekend.
I like your swimsuit, is it shade? I want to get one. It looks really cute.

Jill Manning said...

Hey Stacey, I meant to tell you that I loved your bathing suit, is it Shades? It is adorable! Jace was so cute at the party and such a little party animal! I'm glad you guys were there.