Thursday, October 18, 2007

Turning Hollywood

I know.....I've been non-existent for a week and half...due to our computer being out of commission from a virus and the other from being sooo incredibly busy. But, now we're up and running! We've had some exciting events recently. The first thing is....last weekend Heath and I got to attend the Steve Nash Celebrity Roast Charity Event! For work, I've been working with the Steve Nash Foundation in putting together elements of the event and so they gave me 2 tickets!!! (valued at $3,000) It was quite the night! Right when we walked into Hotel Vally Ho, there was a Red Carpet. Needless to say, I quickly felt under dressed. Then as we proceeded down the carpet, the media lined the left wall...but I didn't have the unique sensation of posing from every angle and flashing a smile with my arm perfectly intertwined in my escort's arm. No....those people had no idea who the heck we were! :)
We got to meet some Suns Players and just enjoy the fun environment. Although, I have to say, we are not high-rollers by any means, and so we did feel a little out of place rubbing elbows with Marcus Banks, (literally...he bumped my shoulder) Shaun Marion, Raja Bell..etc. I worried, of course, from a girl's standpoint what I should wear that night and still today I'm not quite sure I played it up as much as I could've. Seriously...when's the next time I'm going to go to a fancy chic party. I just wasn't willing to spend the money for a new dress. I couldn't believe the food they had there! was good! And they had a whole dessert bar that I was all over...chocolate covered strawberries, creme brule, mini fruit tarts, grilled bananas, get the idea. We also enjoyed the live concert with John Legend. I'd never really heard his music before. And it was especially fun to hear all the funny and embarrassing stories and things about Nash. We had a great time and at the end of the night got a party gift...2 huge bottles of Belvedere am I going to do with that????

I think the highlight of the night was meeting Suns Coach Mike D'Antoni. He just stood there and talked with us for a few minutes while the other celebrities just let us take a quick picture. He was truly genuine and I was happy we had that opportunity to meet he and his wife. You notice Heath and I have separate pictures. You have to catch them at the perfect time and if you don't have your camera ready...the opportunity is quickly gone. I was happy I got Raja :) It was certainly a night to remember.

The whole night raised thousands of dollars for the Steve Nash Foundation, which will support educational initiatives in Arizona! What a great cause! Our Sport Court went for a pretty penny, along with other auction items. It's great to see the community and overall support for Nash and all that he does for kids!


The AZ McMillans said...

Stacey, it sounds like you had an amazing night! How fun! I think you look great, by the way!

Nikki said...

I think that Adam would really like me to have your job. He would love me even more if I could take him to meet some Sun players. And also you looked great.
p.s. About the vodka, you might be able to cook with it. :)

the Picketts said...

how fun Stacey! lucky lucky lucky:)

Cyndi said...

Fabulous! A FREE night of glam with awesome food and great company. Too much fun. I think you look perfect, I agree, I would have a hard time buying a new fancy dress you might not use again. bad you couldn't sell it on ebay...ha,ha.

Emily Lewis said...

wow!!! that is the one of the coolest things you will probably ever do!! that is so cool you got to meet all them and have a fun night like that!!!

Kina said...

you have been tagged. see my blog!

Holy crap! How fun was that!?!?? Nate is seriously going to crap his pants when I show him those pics of you with bell, etc. Oh, stacey, living the glam life down in AZ. ;)

By the way, I think it's so awesome that you are so involved in your community!! Keep up the good work!