Thursday, January 10, 2008

5 Years and Counting....

Nov. 30, 2007--I can hardly believe that it's been 5 years since we've been married!! Heath surprised me with a beautiful display of red roses and I took him to the Suns game!!! We had a great time. We started the night off @ Stoudemire's restaurant and the food was mmm mmm. good. (plus, it was raining that added to the great day). We then enjoyed the game, which got pretty exciting near the end but the Suns pulled off a win. We've been so lucky to have so many awesome experiences just from the generosity of others. Thanks FOX10!

The 10 best things about being married:
1) Knowing you'll be by eachother through everything-good and bad
2) Having someone that knows you better than yourself sometimes
3) Always having someone to laugh with, cry with, talk with and snuggle with
4) Being able to learn about true service and sacrifice
5) LOVE---need I say more?
6) Learning to get over the quirky things and hoping to someday find them endearing
7) Having a FAMILY! Jace is the best part of us
8) Discovering eachother's hidden strengths every day
9) Bein able to kiss anytime we want
10) Having a best friend in eachother


The Blakes said...

Anniversaries are the best! It looks like you had a great time celebrating!

Lord Stanley said...

Congrats stac!!! it looks like you are doing awesome! kids and everything!!!