Thursday, January 10, 2008

Holly, Jolly Christmas

Well, this Christmas was quite different than any other one we've ever had. It was our first Christmas at Home! It's Heath's family's year for Christmas but they only had a Christmas lunch with the family on th east side of Mesa Christmas day, so we were on our own for Christmas eve and morning. I decided to make a yummy fiesta dinner with fajitas and salsa and don't forget the bubbly! That's Jace and daddy doing "cheers" Not sure where he got that, but it's one of his favorite things to do when drinking something and we must hit glasses or it doesn't count. :) We then made sugar cookies together, got pretty messy and even had a visit from a neighbor dressed up as Santa Clause....Jace is still a little aprehensive about the Clause. Maybe next year. Christmas morning was oh so fun....and can you believe it, I was so wrapped up in watching Jace devour every present and enjoying every sqeak and squeel that I forgot to take hardly any pictures!!! I know, what a mom! But I guarantee this Christmas was by far the best. I could care less about what I got....I loved watching Jace and the joy on his face as he tore through the wrapping paper and yelled, yes, wow, awesome....when he got his books, trucks, tool set, new kitchen stuff, movies and more. He was thrilled.


60srockfan said...

Heres a link for your next Holly Jolly Christmas. Hope you enjoy it.

The AZ McMillans said...

Super cute Christmas pictures! I'm so glad you were able to have a family Christmas and start some of your own traditions. That is the best part to me! And I didn't take many pictures of Christmas morning's too much fun watching them open presents and be so excited.

Erika said...

Don't worry about the pictures...Tyler used up the camera battery on Christmas Eve taking pictures of his brother skateboarding! We have 0 pictures of Scotty's first Christmas! Can you believe it!!!???