Friday, February 8, 2008

Lot of Splaining To Do Ricky Ricardo's words

I know. I haven't been up with the blogging world lately. I wanted to post some Hawaii pictures for you all to enjoy but I didn't get to post anything about the trip so, here it goes. Well, yah, of course it was AMAZING...the best trip I've ever been on besides my honeymoon. First off, I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. My boss surprised me with the trip as a going away gift and needless to say, I was floored! We originally were going to bring Jace and a babysitter, but after a lot of thought...we knew it should be just Heath and I! Can I just tell you that the 6 hr plane ride itself was enough for me to not bring him. I can remember just thanking my lucky stars that I didn't. And oh, the plane ride: you can imagine anyone would get a little nervous when your captain says, "Please stay in your seats and keep your seatbelt fastened, as we are going to experience SEVERE turbulance and you will fly out of your seat." Yikes! I'm not too bad on plane flights, but with the bumbing and the bouncing, I got nausea for a bit but all was well in the end. :)

HAWAII, itself. Okay, the second we walk off the plane, I know for sure we are somewhere I've never been. The humidity was so thick and the air so damp. It was different but all very exciting. We flew into Kailua-Kona and the airport is made up of little huts. It was dark when we landed so I couldn't see much of the coast and mostly saw lots of black rock lava everywhere so far.

The Condo - Cute little cozy wasn't anything luxurious but it was perfect. One bedroom, one kitchen, one family room and everything provided for! It WAS perfect. It was next to our two pools, a fountain/grassy patio area and then a minute walk down to the cliffs of the beach. It's not what I expected but it still was beautiful. Every morning, we would walk down and watch the sunrise and drink our "coffee" (hot chocolate) with the other tenants. No one knew what was in our cups, but if they did, they would think we are crazy...considering this is the island of KONA Coffee and people talked so much about how wonderful it was! The families next to us were so kind and helpful. Everyone thought we were on our honeymoon. I loved it! It felt like we were a little bit. People told us where to go and what was worth it and where to eat and such.

Back to the Beach - I thought there would be sandy beaches everwhere, but the Big Island has a lot of rocky areas from the lava flows and hasn't had as much time to create sandy areas...there are some gems but you have to travel to and hike a bit.

to be continued...gotta go. :)

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