Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Birthday

Jace helped me make a Happy Birthday sign for Camden and he was so excited to hang it up for him!

Carrying on the tradition of balloons! It just makes the day more fun! Camden loved them and kept walking after them yelling, "ball"
so happy!

The day after his actual Birthday, we tried again with the birthday cake. He ate a little, but Jace and I ate more. :)

Jace and Daddy bought Cam his first football! He goes crazy when he sees Heath's ball so we got him his own. He already can catch it by himself and throw it (he's a lefty so far)

'Happy Birthday to You' didn't go over so well. :) He looks so frightened poor baby. The attention was a little much for him. He didn't even touch the football cake. I was yet again disappointed. Jace didn't touch his first cake either.

I made two football cakes for his Birthday in hopes that he would grab it thinking it was real. (Heath's idea) The cake may I add was delicious. Yumm....cookies and cream cake with chocolate frosting. mmmm...

Camden enjoying his birthday dinner. I made his favorite-sweet and sour meatballs. :)

There's our little guy all grown up. goes by way too fast.

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Tracy said...

Happy Birthday! He's adorable! Can you believe that a year has already passed?