Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's coming

I have a lot of catch up to do so stay posted. Just thought I'd write for now. Today it's freezing outside. We got back from California on Monday and it's been really cold since. To be exact, today's high is 17 and low is 4. Subsequently, I let Heath drive the car to school so he didn't freeze on the way home from the light rail. Oh, and he has to walk now because someone stole his bike seat..yes, just the seat. weird. The boys have been sick the last couple days but we're hanging in there. It just now hit me how tired I am staying up with Camden for two hours last night. Well, I held him for two hours and thankfully he wasn't screaming. He felt quite content in mommy's arms. Besides being up so late, it was kinda nice to cuddle with him. He gives the best hugs though! He runs towards me and tucks his arms to his sides and puts his head on my shoulders. it melts my heart. I'll try to tape it sometime because it's hard to explain. So, that's it for now. just felt like writing.

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